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DeLonghi: Documents app
  • DeLonghi

  • Python, Django, HTML5/CSS3, Xamarin, Apple, Android, Jeydoo Engine,

  • May 13, 2020

Allowing the dissemination of technical documentation among the various branches all over the world in a completely digital way, saving on printing costs.

Spreading all the technical material made up of numerous paper catalogs divided by language, among all the offices in the DeLonghi group was one of the problems that made the updating process cumbersome.

For this, we worked together with their IT department to create an App exclusively for tablet devices, which would allow the rapid and simple distribution of catalogs. Thanks to our JeyDoo technology we have also added interactivity to the catalogs, allowing you to add videos, image galleries and 3D elements.

Although the language mainly used for their catalogs was English, thanks to the multilingual features of our technology, the catalogs have now been translated allowing an even more efficient result.

Tags Python Django HTML5/CSS3 Xamarin Apple Android Jeydoo Engine