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Savio Textile Machinery
  • Savio Textile Machinery

  • HTML5/CSS3, Xamarin, Apple, Jeydoo Engine, Banji,

  • May 13, 2020

Present at numerous important international trade fairs, the need was to be able to distribute a commercial tool that was easy to install even at a distance

Many times it becomes difficult to send all the material necessary for a fair, above all when it is in countries far away like China.

This is why Savio chose Banji as a tool to unify the model for presenting its products. Thanks to its ease of installation and distribution, even in countries where communication can be more difficult, installing an interactive totem becomes a breeze, saving not only time but also money.

In addition to the simplicity in updating the content thanks to Banji Cloud, makes this App always updated for the next fair.

Tags HTML5/CSS3 Xamarin Apple Jeydoo Engine Banji