Mobile, Web and Desktop App

Specialized in the development of client / server solutions, we have created customized B2B softwares to meet various needs.

Mobile Applications

Our experience allows us to follow you in the creation of mobile applications to be distributed on smartphones and tablets, designed in line with your needs.

We have developed various software solutions that have been developed exclusively for these devices by introducing a new way of working.

Mobile App
Web App

Web applications and Web sites

Just to support mobile applications, we have the necessary experience to develop web solutions ranging from simple website to complex web applications.

Our experience in multimedia allows us to offer web solutions in line with the most demanding requests.

Desktop Applications (Windows, Mac and Linux)

Although the market is geared towards mobile applications, many of the daily activities are still performed with traditional computers.

This is why we also develop traditional desktop applications designed for more targeted use.

Desktop App

Fincantieri Company App

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Manuel Caffè: Pausa Magazine

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WhatsApp Business & Telegram

Forget the e-mails and write us directly on WhatsApp Business or Telegram!

WhatsApp Telegram

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