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Our App Swiss Army Knife.

Fluker is our modern C# framework for build fantastic mobile apps based on Xamarin.

All our projects are built on it and we update it constantly to ensure that our apps are always in step with the times.

This framework covers various functions, from the visual aspects with specially built custom controls to integration logics such as payment systems.

Fluker for Web

Web Apps on the fly.

As for the App, also for the web we have created our framework for GO and Python to build modern and attractive web applications

Always updated and integrated with the latest technologies, our framework guarantees us uncompromising web apps ranging from a simple website to massive web apps distributed over the Cloud.


Fluker is integrated into all our solutions at no additional cost. If you have the source code of a Fluker-based project, you can only use it to compile the source itself.It is not possible to use this framework in any other app without our consent.For more information feel free to contact us.


Touchable emotion.

To help our sales force, we have created a technology to turn paper brochures into real flip apps.

Our customers really liked the idea, so we decided to turn it into a real product.

Thus was born banji, our all-in-one solution to help the sales force to present their products in a new and emotional way.