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Clubhouse, Clubhouse, Clubhouse?

Quite simply it is an audio social network, a kind of social radio different from Instagram and others.

The new social network had a strong surge after Elon Musk mentioned on January 31 that he would have landed on Clubhouse as a guest of the room organized by the founder of the social network himself. This is further confirmation that today Elon Musk is dictating the trends in the online world.

The next day, there was an increase in users in Italy too, especially considering that the app is still in beta and you can only register by invitation.

The new app, which is currently only available for the iPhone, allows you to discuss by voice within thematic rooms and has recently begun to spread in Italy as well.

The official Clubhouse website presents itself as “a new voice-based social product that allows people, wherever they are, to chat, tell stories, develop ideas, deepen friendships and meet new interesting people around the world”.

Clubhouse has a lot of potential but let's hope it doesn't become the realm of personal branding gurus.