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Compress images up to 10 times without losing quality ;)

One of the most important problems that must be faced in the management of images to be disseminated on the internet is the weight of the images.In fact it is not enough that the chosen image is emotional, beautiful and attractive for the potential visitor but it must guarantee an optimal "loading time" of the page.So it often happens that you have to deprive yourself of some images that, even if beautiful, would be too heavy and would penalize the loading of the page and consequently they would be badly digested by the Google search engine.In fact we know that one of the most important factors for Google's algorithm, during the positioning phase of our website on its index, is precisely the loading speed of our web pages: in a few words a site too heavy and slow in loading is penalized by the search engine!To overcome this problem there are many solutions on which we can choose between:• Download the image and modify it with Photoshop trying to lighten it as much as possible, preferring formats in "jpg" with respect to "png" with its transparencies.• If we do not know Photoshop or the license is too expensive for us we recommend a free online tool that is very simple and intuitive and will help you, in just a few seconds, to optimize the image by resizing its weight in just two steps.The program in question is called "Tinypng" and allows you to lighten up to 20 images at a time with a maximum weight of 5 Mb each.A unique comfort that will guarantee you the maximum result, in terms of image quality, with optimal compression.tinypng.com