Photography tips and tricks for your business

In today's article I would like to continue to talk about the importance of good photography for an activity like a hotel or a restaurant / bar. I contacted some professional photographers to ask them to share their advice on interior and exterior photography. I hope the underlying advice can help some of you improve your photographic skills.
Wide views with very angular lenses can give information, but you have to choose very well the point of view in order not to deform the objects. These views may not be the most attractive images but they are necessary, even if objects in the corners of the frame will suffer from distortion.

Try not to place the camera too high, because you will show a large white surface of the bed in the case of a hotel room. The folds are horrible to correct in post-production, so take the time to arrange the bed and curtains before you start shooting. With medium lenses you can select what you show and be more intentional to convey the atmosphere.

I think one of the key is: photography should reflect the value of the business. If you value your business and offer a high value to your customers, you should not rely on photos taken with your iPhone or low-resolution photos of 10 years ago. You need to update and invest in photography the same way you invest in better sheets, maintenance of furniture, etc.