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Electrolux: Interactive Totem
  • Electrolux

  • Python, Django, HTML5/CSS3, Xamarin, Apple, Android, Jeydoo Engine, Banji,

  • May 13, 2020

Too many products to be able to consult them in a practical and functional way

Operating in various industrial sectors, the types of products and the breadth of services grow. For this reason it becomes difficult to present them in a practical and fast way. The fairs are often the starting point for the presentation of their products and that is why we needed a new solution to better manage all this information.

The people in charge of setting up the stand for the next fair, have therefore found in Banji a valid ally in order to organize all the material useful for the presentation. Thanks also to the Banji cloud functionality, the staff in charge of updating the contents in real time also during the event. The Banji app installed on an iPad that was connected to a large screen to allow visitors to interact in a new and fun way, but above all in a more practical and fast way, getting more than positive feedback.

Tags Python Django HTML5/CSS3 Xamarin Apple Android Jeydoo Engine Banji