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Manuel Caffè: Pausa Magazine
  • Manuel Caffè

  • Python, Django, Xamarin, Apple, Android,

  • May 13, 2020

Convey the passion for coffee thanks to their magazine, in a new and interactive way

Distributing a magazine is not a simple way. Making it interesting is even more difficult. That's why Banji has joined the graphic team that takes care of the magazine, to turn it into something more. Thanks to the interactions and multimedia that only Banji can offer, Pausa Magazine has really "come to life". Readers find the reading much more engaging.

In addition, thanks to the Banji Pixel platform, the distribution of the various editions of the magazine has become much simpler and faster.

The multi-lingual management of Banji was also a strong point, allowing the magazine to be distributed in several languages, reaching even more readers all over the world.

Tags Python Django Xamarin Apple Android