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Replay Denim App
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  • Python, Django, HTML5/CSS3, Xamarin, Apple, Android,

  • May 13, 2020

For each new collection it was necessary to develop a technical documentation to share with the various branches all over the world, rich in images and videos

It seemed that the solution was to develop a dedicated platform, but thanks to the pliability, Banji solved the problem very well.

Thanks to the Pixel solution, the Replay Denim graphic staff created the shooting and technical documentation with their traditional methods while the Banji Pixel staff took care of its conversion into an interactive catalog.

This allowed the automatic and controlled distribution of information regarding the new collections to all the interested persons of the group. In addition, thanks to the branded App, it was possible to filter the contents for individual users, so that only those interested could access the collection concerned.

Tags Python Django HTML5/CSS3 Xamarin Apple Android